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Old Moscow Photos Reappear
Judge Amanda Williams's Very Bad Week
A crash course in nuclear wessels.
Simply Incredible
The Fall of the House of Usher
"In a mass marketing culture a revolutionary song is any song you choose to sing yourself." - Utah Phillips
How to make Google beatbox for you
Alice's Restaurant
Angola, it's not like they said
Go, Rimbaud!
Tickling the fancy of those who tickle the ivories
The Authorized Guide and Companion to Dune
From Basics to Technical
Tarkovsky films. All of them. Free. Online.
The US Navy in 1915
Bill Moyers interviews Barry Lopez
The Waves of Sand Roll On
Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes
Sounds of the City
radio radio
Writing Good English
Baffler's Back!
Victoria's secret, uncovered by science
Donald Barthelme’s Syllabus
Bergen to Oslo from your armchair
This is Hank William's guitar. I try to do the right thing with the guitar. You don't want to stink with Hank's guitar.
Birds. Photos. Movies.
A history of timezones
Medieval Gastronomy
Dali's Destino Completed
Algorithmic Music
Oranges and lemons
He laughed like an irresponsible foetus
Folk Music from 1947
Brazil - a good neighbor
Archival Sound Recording Maps at the British Library
A week in Paris will ease the bite of it...
Classic Covers of Penguin Science Fiction Books
The State of Jazz Fifty Years Ago
vintage cutaway illustrations
Government Comix--more exciting than it sounds...
Medicaid cuts shut only public outpatient oncology ward in NV.
Dude, I never made it to this screen before!
Ann Arbor Smackdown
Cuban jazz greats Chucho and Bebo Valdes reunited
Revival Revival
Microsoft Songsmith
The Recently Deflowered Girl
Meshes of the Afternoon
The Art of Onfim: Medieval Novgorod Through the Eyes of a Child
Hoh River
Holmes' and Watson's World
Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.
"There will be enormous, enormous losses..."
Sarah Palin may be a better debater than you think
Because there are more important things to do on Friday night
People who live without TV
Condensed: 'Care, constraint, concise, cut, character, clarity, and charity.'
Train in Vain
stavrosthewonderchicken's home is dying
Boing Boing Finds 21st Century Trotsky?
Music of the spheres
Bill Moyers Vs. Fox News
A Mathematician's Lament
The world had been sepia, drained of colour and light...
Mandolux - photographic desktop wallpapers
Hear and Compare Accents of English from Around the World
Welcome to Night Flight
NetSol and ICANN Sued over Domain Tasting
"...the most effective means of popular education at society’s disposal."
Nature Aquariums
Boom boom bap.
Do not dig or drill before 12,000 AD
10 Signs of Intelligent Life at YouTube
Words words words. (And symbols!)
Boards of Canada - Music Videos
In the future, everybody will be wrong for 15 minutes
Stealing Life, profile of 'The Wire', by Margret Talbot
Great, not-so-plain
Influence Me
More free online courses!
I Sing The Body Electric
Every picture tells a story....
3 Dozen Pieces of Music
Becoming A Lion In Winter
Peronal finances, or how I learned to stop worrying and invest in a 401k
Amazon Feed-builder
"playing" America's Army
David Pogue is the rudest man alive!
On popular music.
Siskel and Ebert - Behind the Scenes
Undercover Surrealism

Ask Metafilter Posts

Has Spring Sprung Late?
What documentaries for a 2-year-old, like Babies?
Bad as in terrible, not bad as in really good
Help my inner geek: Find books to "go deep", learn new things/actively learn
Who painted this picture of a crowned cat?
Which graphic novels should I read?
food trauma?
Suggest some good web-based or DVD-based guitar lessons for a beginner!
Anyone can play guitar... Fewer can play it well.
Good resources for learning about new and upcoming non-fiction about the internet?
What questions would you ask your two-year-old self?
Easy way to select keepers from exposure bracketed photos on Mac?
Punishing elementary child for things outside of their control.
I want to learn more about jazz!
The Case of the Missing Money
Help us deal with our black sheep Meetup member
Please guide me through the magical world of potty training
How to dress like a man.
Teaching SciFi to Japanese high school students
Survival or Travel Stories Wanted
Wanted: People who geek out over gorgeous shelving systems and the like
Art history for a total beginner
Desperately seeking illustrated books on our future in space from 1960s, 70s and 80s
Virtual Extension of my Brain?
Have camera, will travel.
Biking in the rain
To The Moon Alice, and BEYOND!!!
Name This Aesthetic
How expensive are chickens to raise?
How to not dress like a grad student?
Kid-friendly (but not specifically for kids) music for slideshows
Tell me where to camp outside of pdx.
Help me build a library of lefty kids books
What is a good continuous light kit for a beginner photographer?
What Is That Song They Always Use...?
What books do people proselytize about?
Near Death Non Fiction
Help me to become disarmingly (fill in the blank)
An apostrophe question that is slightly different, I swear.
Why on Earth did 17th Century Dutch painter Emanuel de Witte repeatedly depict dogs pissing on columns inside of churches?
Buddhism by Non-Buddhists?
What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?
Help me find my next favorite graphic novel.
Are cherry pits really poisonous to dogs?
Where do you put money for baby?
Don't read me a bedtime story.
Classical classics
Books that grab you and don't let go
Purely psychosomatic
Photography blogs
My desktop is a mess. Help!
Is there really an advantage to gold dental fillings?
Toys to keep the screeching to a minimum
How to get to the land down under the land down under.
Good field recording devices?
Finding a particular sound effect for use as a ringtone?
Help me accommodate my sweaty ears
Where to embiggen?
Why does tilt-shift photography make things look tiny?
Help me build a small, light, battery-powered time-lapse photography rig?
Baby on Board!
help me find a famous old photgraph
Math is cool, right?
Is the money supply contracting, or expanding?
Babies at the keyboard
The photographer and the lens
Can you think of any children's albums by good adult artists?
Suggest Children's Music
i let my domain expire and someone picked it up
What experience most shaped who you are?
help me pick EF lenses
Studies about online social behavior?
How can I find good quality classical recordings?
Breaking apart a RAID 1?
How to play with a newborn?
Ways to keep being the rock for my family?
Is there a set-it-and-forget-it way to invest?
Won'tchew, don'tchew, can'tchew separate your words?
Looking for interesting ideas for helping kids learn & experience life
Screencasting Software
Help us find the best wine Willamette has to offer...
Best Photoshop Books
Favorite used book sites online?
Intelligent Podcasts
good baby handle?
Meaning [this is good]
Newport Oregon Lodging
Move to Salem OR?
Weird Suburban Portland

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Moderation on MeFi and NPR
There is help. Mefi win.
Datawank much?
Not cool, man, my mom was a nun guzzler.
[Flagged] as what? And can I find those flags again?
Hmm, you might know the answer to this...
Jessamyn's talk at SxSW
Updates from Contacts
MeFi Mail is here
Be safe and smart!
From the AskMe thread:
8 Preview: This American Parody
Freedom! We're better than Myspace!
6: Chatting with the father of the permalink
4: Codex Seraphinianus
New stuff on MeFi.
3: Adam Savage Interview
1: The First One
I'm deploying a new (backwards compatible) URL scheme for mefi
Ajax for Projects
Adding Favorites
I'm testing out ajax favorites on MeFi
Announcing: give a mefi account as a gift.
new tabbed interface testing here
map interface for jobs
Announcing MeFi Jobs!
Announcing MeFi Music!
New Features for Favorites

Projects Posts

listening to words

MeFi Music Posts

If I Fell
Christmas Don't Be Late
Have Yourself a Walken Little Christmas
The Worst Things
Frog versus Toad (Are Part Of A Zombie Bot Army From The Future)
Runnin' With The Songsmith
Where's My Pony (pb)
sailing on right by
At the Open Mic (Cortex vs Los Muchachos Mexicanos)
Miss Me in the Morning
88 Lines About 44 Mefites
Moon Patrol!
Mathowie's Community Blog
Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo
matthewchen is spamming
Making Me Nervous

MeFi IRL Posts

MeFi 11th Anniversary

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I'm hard at work on beta2. Feedback welcome. I figure the MeFi crowd will be more interested than [...]
I've argued that the ultimate endpoint for DRM is the pay-per-swing hammer. This isn't as [...]
Will future generations actually give a damn about a show that is (20, 50, whatever) years [...]
"He looks like a shriner snowman!" For years I was obsessed and confused by the [...]
hexatron: "So think of the end of delicious as an early Christmas present from the [...]
This is the best post ever. :)
Bond was a character that people in his era could identify with: Think about how that works in [...]
those scripts help because they make the interface simple, clean, and lets me do what I [...]
I worked at Dell for nearly 10 years. I got the job right out of college when I was in my early 20s [...]
Emmet Otter & his mother watch a drum roll out a door. Over and over and over and over [...]
Creating a summer blockbuster film [...]
So, uh, what's the real cause? Our health and legal systems are terrible at [...]
Our goal is to create an overall picture of internet health: The list of things we want to [...]
Can I just say one little thing? IF IT HAS A DRAGON IN IT IT ISN'T SCIENCE FICTION! THE SOLE [...]
I have altered the link. Pray I do not alter it further. [...]
Matrix Trilogy lovers, stand up and be recognized. Ah. There you both are. [...]
I'm late to this thread and a lot of good stuff has already been said. I figured I'd chime in with [...]
How I spent my 20 minutes with President Barack Obama, by Greg G: Hey what's up PBO: Not too [...]
You just don't get it. When I first landed in California back in the 80's, and my photo gig was [...]
sexyrobot: "How did we lose this technology? the romans burned [...]
... It's the money?
I was a project engineer at NASA during this time- Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville. Worked [...]
Oops, that link didn't work, here. [...]
Here's are some flickr sets if you'd like them a bit bigger. [...]
but I’m just dumbfounded that church attendance is positively correlated with a pro-torture [...]
Instead of lame apologies, WHAM could have solved this whole PR mess by dropping live chickens from [...]
You know, time was, TV didn't even have re-runs. Our cultural soul, the fabric that kept us together [...]
Dios: But I do find the underlying topic much more interesting and worthy of discussion: [...]
I liked it better when The Hollies did it in 1974. [...]
People always complain that Peanuts isn't funny. Peanuts isn't supposed to be funny. It's supposed [...]
Holy smokes, a company I used to work for back in the dot com heydays used to have the distro rights [...]
Oh, just fuck this. I started to write a more eloquent response, but stopped, because I [...]
Needs to be done for Un Chien [...]
Well, I wasn't going to self-link it :) Dan Kaminsky here. Metafilter's been a long time haunt [...]
A little poem dedicated to IvoShandor, with apologies to Agustus de Morgan: Great snarks have [...]
I wonder if it would be possible to create a "magic box" with several layers, where each [...]
I lived in Québec for a time, and I have to say I really enjoyed myself there, apart from [...]
My favorite part of the eagerly awaited Levi interview is that it appears he learned to lie from [...]
Not that the "newspapers" thing isn't awful enough on its own, but... I just remembered [...]
Just as I predicted upthread: Hillary Clinton will be dropping the hammer on Palin:Advisers to [...]
This actually makes alot of sense, when you consider that the main goal of Fox News (and other [...]
As the person who initiated this thread, and who has refrained from commenting largely because I've [...]
Here's a true story about how awesome Pixar is. As some of you know, when the trailer first came [...]
Sebastopol, CA also blocked free public WiFi. It's absolutely hilarious. [...]
Yeah, you know, we just got ours last night, and the first thing my kids did was bust it out and set [...]
delmoi: If she had been running the campaign she's been running lately after super Tuesday, [...]
The schools of math taught during high school are strange as well; why is calculus typically favored [...]
This is actually kind of true. The worst, in my experience as an engineer, are electrical [...]
After my parents were divorced in 1978, they set up a visitation schedule, as they lived in 2 [...]
Ouch. Make that link Raymond Scott's 'Powerhouse'. [...]
Ugh.... this article made me absolutely sick to my stomach. I love my violin. Love it. I've [...]
As a working screenwriter, we need the strike, and aspiring scabs might want to really look at why [...]
puke & cry: how about you wait a bit and reload before shitting into the thread? you [...]
I love how everyone gets drawn into an argument they weren't planning to have. The article is [...]
Subprime is an issue, but it's not the issue. Of itself it's nowhere near [...]
In Xanadu, there was this guy Built a pleasure dome for which to die It had rivers to Hades and [...]
At which point I suppose we are suppose to point and laugh at the stupid people with stupid [...]
But let me again emphasize, to be good at chess, you need to study and read a bit. [...]
Since you asked, here's the story. [...]
Hardly anyone knows about these provisions; are they really causing widespread distress to [...]
For any of you who have been saying that "we're surprised": let's be clear: we're not. [...]

Ask Metafilter Comments

Cornvalley for Corvallis, [...]
Via e-mail, I would just ignore it completely; act as though you never received it at all. If she [...]
In his journals in 1855, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:I hold that a wise man will write nothing but [...]
HTML Comics. [...]
I hope no one minds if I share a short anecdote. This question is awesome and I'm sort of hoping [...]
My uncle was heavily involved in the counterculture movement, was one of the founders of the San [...]
I imagine the answer varies from station to station. Here at the south pole, all our electrical [...]
Yeah, TextMade regexes don't do /e so you can't eval an expression in the replace. Just hit the [...]
"Humans," in your example above, would be more accurate, as mediareport says. [...]
posted by mathowie a friend that teaches theater and directs plays for the school is [...]
Great friends are people who - remember your preferences for food/drink stuff and always make [...]
I used to work in Macy's Department Stores corporate offices (as a buyer, not a dog handler), above [...]
As jamaro says, the pith (white part of the peel under the yellow zest) is terribly bitter. The [...]
A few past questions that may help [...]
More. Same caveats apply: Let's start with some basic mind-sets. Parents of these farm [...]
Be disgusted by the foods you shouldn't eat. Practice thinking of the junk foods you shouldn't be [...]

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the Great Taters Mystery. Now is as good a time to mention this as any. I [...]
Note at self: to appear clever, change the preposition.
The . key loads more comments in the "new" Twitter. Here at work, it takes a second or [...]
I've secretly spent the last 8 years of my life carefully etching MetaFilter into stone tablets in [...]
The sky is the most interesting color of blue today. Wait, where are you? [...]
It was us. We broke MeFi. The domain was manually upgraded to Enterprise level service and we didn't [...]
Yeah, if my Bugzilla-fu is correct, this is bug #231389 which has been open since 2004 and should [...]
I learned that some people stand up to wipe. Also, over the past ten years or so MeFi has proven [...]
Okie doke, here we go: A list of things linked to on Amazon in AskMe comments. 7MB html file. [...]
Mobile Safari is the new IE.
One handy thing to note is it's possible to add javascript “bookmarklets” as bookmarks on the iPhone, [...]
Here's the story of where I learned to love customer service. It was 2004 and I was going to SXSW. [...]
me: pb, I am out of gas money. Can you please fix that? pb: ok, your gas tank is full now but I [...]
This is what I pictured when I read "IRL alerts". FADE IN INT. DESK IN [...]
Productive during insomnia much?
This is a suboptimal solution to an already solved problem: Nobody is going to memorize a list of [...]
So I've gone ahead and done a little anonymous data dump of how the gender field is used on [...]
I decided to come clean with the food bank. My email: You guys are my local charity this year. [...]
Ooh, do tell! I was fortunate enough in college to find a handful of [...]
Here is my tea-related anecdote: I was at a music festival last year and Fleet Foxes were [...]
I spent the entirety of my adolescence on forums. In 2003, when I joined my first forum (the sadly [...]
Failure to employ William Carlos Williams meter. Flag on the play. SIGH. [...]
Here's The Deck's Jim Coudal talking with John Gruber about how their advertising works. It's not [...]
Wait, wait, wait. The total hardware used in delivering to us our beloved MetaFilter includes a [...]
There was a BBC series adapted from All Creatures Great and Small, though qualifying that as [...]
I took a quick stab at visualizing data on AskMe usage vs. MeFi usage. Using the July 3 Infodump I [...]
Huh, I'd always assumed ^H^H^H represented someone loudly clearing their throat or [...]
Etiquette of the modern internet requires you to upload that to YouTube, complete with a [...]
I put this together a few weeks ago as a learning exercise for some Ruby web stuff [...]
Holy crap! The hosts file (plus a little elbow grease) worked! I made point to my local [...]
Every time someone says FIAMO I get part of a mid 60s Italian film in my head. It's a scene where [...]
Here are the stats for what people have listed as "Location" in their profiles, from the . [...]
We're actually well paid and happy workers, though I wish sometimes that this chain was a little [...]
It is a bit challenging if we're not holding the device in our hands. I can use an emulator, [...]
"sort -f -k 5 tagdata_mefi.txt | uniq -c -i -f 4 | sort -rn | less" This leaves [...]
I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this, but I've put the charts online that I mentioned in my [...]
So I understand why retard and gay are off limits as negatives, and I never used them that way [...]
I just crunched a few numbers. Here are the numbers of favorites and the number of favorited items [...]
.gif? Fuck that noise. The wave of the future is .mng! [...]
Wondering what kind of data is still sleeping under the floor. (bru) Despite [...]
"Keep in mind that around 70% of Ask MetaFilter users are in the US. If you are [...]
dhartung: Normally you add helper applications in Edit/Preferences/Applications (or [...]
Dear Ask MetaFilter: Which mailorder slowcooker should I order to make the most erotic sandwiches? [...]
We will never beat Google at searching entire pages (or search in general). [...]
"I searched old MetaTalks" The correct pluralization is [...]
smackfu: "If you're looking for ways to cut the size down, how about the inline CSS at [...]
Personally, I make it a point to pronounce "modem" as "MAH-deem. [...]
My favorite thought-piece about Ferris Bueller is the "Fight Club" theory, in which Ferris [...]
I don't think tags are quite as necessary now that we have favorites search. If I can [...]
Dr.: What seems to be the problem? Metafilter: It hurts when I do this (clicks MeFi Dr. [...]
As with any special feature you want on MetaFilter that most people won't want, need or use, the [...]
I, too, prefer the more-subsites option.
We have always been at Google with MetaFilter.
NONE LEFT BEEF "It's like, how much more pizza left beef could it be? [...]
I would be interested to know if the suggestion found here to uncheck the "enable 3rd party [...]
I love these 'me too!' / weird-stuff-the-brain-does threads. Here's my collection... [...]
Why do I let myself get interested in this kind of shit? Clearly there's something wrong with me. [...]
there's some point in gamer culture where gay and fag became the go-to insults between gamers online, [...]
Do you have a format you'd like to see your comments in? mbox. [...]
pb, could you possibly share with us the name of the recommendation engine you've used for [...]
Why does this weigh 21 pounds and cost over eleven bucks? [...]
Sorry, I was out running errands all day with the family (it's spring break for all the local [...]
Matt: If you're shipping over the border, make sure it's not sent UPS or Purolator. Those guys [...]
Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip. I did. It always gets fixed within a few minutes, what's [...]
This reminds me -- I don't think it warrants its own thread but there's a hack to get better-quality [...]
The concept of "the unmarked category" comes to mind. Because whites are the predominant [...]
Each page of the site is hand-carved like a fine piece of wooden art. And sometimes you forget to [...]
I wrote Lucy a nice non-anonymous comment on her blog.Ah the irony of the [...]
Heh. Now that my head is all swolled up, you'll be getting bills for my services in your MeMail, [...]
First, I don't think MeFi's not part of the boom. Web 2.0 means a lot of [...]
Jeeze, I went to lunch. Remain calm. So the way IE6 did it was when you made something a [...]
I wrote a greasemonkey script that replaces 'welcome back' with GYOFB to get that snarky feeling [...]
mathowie writes "mefi mail all locals would annoy me." Besides [...]
I'd love to find a group that would like to minutely dissect Douglas Hofstadter's book "I Am A [...]
This is a huge problem we face on Chowhound--people visiting new cities and asking the same [...]
Also you may want to watch out for setting up too many hurdles for people. I've seen some questions [...]
What equipment were you using that night? Bodies: Canon 5D, DReb XT. Lenses: [...]
I'm gaining new respect for news outlets that have maintained permanent links to articles posted [...]
The only piece of info I have on anything aside from what is public on the site is your IP when you [...]
It is officially ON. I just got off the phone with Ground Kontrol and July 14th is open and [...]
Dude. We can't go acting like the Internet is surpassing and outmoding television if we openly [...]
Duh. Now stop speaking of it. [...]
Thanks for your hard work, Matt. But let me tell you, the internet without Metafilteris not so [...]
boo, don't make me embed a youtube video of me taping your mouth shut. [...]
The timestamp is below the title (look upwards to see the timestamp). I need to remove it from [...]
Should be live on ask mefi and metatalk...
Well, it's kind of like a mormon masterbating. Sure, it ruins a dream, but I'm doing it myself and [...]
John Cage must be truly cleaning up now. Actually, he did win a six-figure [...]
Two Posts within four months of each other. OH MY GOD IT'S A TIDAL WAVE TREND THAT CAN'T BE [...]
What the hell? This is a fucking brilliant freaky little commercial and downright daring for a [...]

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How do they get the cats in there?
test comment.